Sports Hernia Recovery Wear

Recovery from a core injury can be challenging. The mainstay of initial treatment is rest, ice and pain control best achieved with anti-inflammatory medications.
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Physical therapy remains the best next step. XPRO GEAR Recovery Line offers two advantages during this portion of the recovery phase: compression and increased blood flow to effected areas and surrounding tissue.

Compression is well known, but increase blood flow? XPRO GEAR has collaborated with Celliant which embeds proprietary ingredients into the core fibers of the Recovery Line. Smart fibers convert the body’s energy into far infrared energy (FIRE). This wavelength selectively increases local blood flow which can increase¬† performance and recovery.

Far infrared energy has been studied in athletes and shown to increase flexibility and maximal aerobic capacity1 as well as increase total exercise performance time2. This positive effect in healthy athletes can reasonably be extrapolated to injured athletes. The same increase in blood flow which increases performance can have beneficial effects in recover from injury.

This patented technology by Celliant – and¬† incorporated into XPRO GEAR Recovery Line apparel – harnesses and recycles the body’s natural energy.

XPRO GEAR Recovery Line has the potential to augment standard core recovery efforts as well as assist in preventing future injuries.